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When I first set up this blog I called it Life Keeps Surprising Me but, since it has now become more about papercrafting, I changed the name to be more reflective of what is going on here.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Life keeps surprising me

It seems to me that every day brings me some sort of surprise. Some are pleasant, like finding and reconnecting with an old friend or an unexpected gift (tangible or not). Some are unpleasant ... our dental insurance sucks! Some are heartbreaking .... a loved one diagnosed with a life threatening disease. And then, some are inspirational .... the compassion and generosity of a sick child for someone else (Julia, Krista, Hope and others) or the strength and courage of a 2 year old (Molly,Carter, and others).

Today's surprise was a visit from Leo. He was supposed to be picked up from school by his Mom but he ended up on the bus to our house. He came in bearing a plastic cup filled with dirt in which he had planted some grass seed. He seriously announced that it was for me. I thanked him and told him that it was just the kind of grass that PopPop likes. If you know Pete you know he is always wishing for a fescue lawn instead of the bermuda grass lawn he has. I'm going to pot that grass and put it on the patio.

Todays surprise wasn't a big, earthshaking thing but it made me smile and brightened my day.