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Monday, July 26, 2010

Card Shower

I am going to be making a card (or more) to send to a member of one of the online groups to which I belong.

Some time ago, Kristen posted a request to have cards sent to her daughter, Hailey, for her Sweet Sixteen birthday, a card shower. Now that Kristen is laid up for awhile due to some surgery, Hailey would like to return the favor. Below, is an email I received from Hailey:

If you would like to post it on your blog that would be awesome! I would love to see this get REALLY big! Please feel free to pass it on. My mom really needs something like this to help pick her up!
The address is:
Kristin Keller
Alverton, PA 15612

If you are so inclined, sending a card to Kristin would be much appreciated.

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