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Friday, February 26, 2010


I have decided that I just really love glitter. I have not used it much in the past but in the last week or so I have used it on two cards that I made and one card that I received utilized glitter and I love the way they look. Now, I've used purchased embellishments and paper that was glittery but my actual "glittering" has been limited.  However, I am not so enamored of the mess that goes along with glitter. I try to contain the mess by using a special tray but somehow, I still end up with glitter on my desk, my hands, my clothes, and in my hair. In spite of the mess, I plan on using glitter in more of my projects. I foresee glittery carpet in the craft closet! 

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  1. Just passing by to tell you that you have a beautiful blog and you are appreciated. I give you a "beautiful blog award." You can stop by my blog to pick up the award graphic to post on your page. http://kathybslittlecorner.blogspot.com/